19 Jun

There was a mouse being chased by a lion and the lion was rapidly closing in on the mouse and the mouse saw that he was at the end of a cliff so he had no choice but to make a leap off of the ground he was standing, so he leaped away from the lion. As he was falling to his apparent certain death the mouse noticed a twig on the side of the cliff and grabbed hold of it and hung on. The lion reached and reached but could not quite reach the mouse no matter how hard he tried to lean down and extend his claws the just barely found the mouse out of reach.

All of a sudden the mouse noticed the twig he was holding on to was slowly uprooting from his weight holding on to it. So here is the terrible predicament the mouse found himself; he had a roaring lion trying to reach down and eat him and the twig keeping him from falling to his certain death was coming out of its roots. Then in the middle of this dilemma the mouse noticed that the twig he was holding on to for dear life had two berries growing on it and the mouse thought why not take a bite of one of them before either the lion figured a way to reach him and eat him or he fell to his certain death.

The mouse took a big ol bite of the berry and thought to himself, “MY GOODNESS THIS BERRY IS SWEET!”

That’s the end of the story – enjoy the berries of the NOW in your life!Image

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