In all the years that I have worked intimately with so many people, I have never yet found one individual who did not secretly long to find something that would make him whole and happy, something that would give him a sense of security and safety. I have never yet found an individual who did not wish the same good for others. I am a great believer in the innate goodness of people, and I know, through much experience, that the average person wants to do about the best he can.

THE PROBLEM: Most of us in time find, at certain times, in our lives that we have hit a spot where we are at our ropes end. This may happen at a time of personal failings and weaknesses such as alcoholism or any of the plethera of other addictions that are so common today all of which lead to the inevitable destruction and loss of all we hold so dear. This can lead you to a 12 Step Program or you may, as so many of us have, hit the phenomenon of the ‘Second Surrender’ with many years of recovery. All of these have one seemingly unrelated thing in common… they are the results of a internal condition and NOT external circumstances.

The 12 Steps are a way out of the self defeating attempts to fix ourselves. By applying all 12 Steps to any area of our life we can access the need Power which will make us happily and usefully whole in every area of our life – which is to say to effectuate God’s will for us.

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